Superior Painting is one of the premier commercial painting companies in Maryland. We specialize in a wide range of interior and exterior painting services for both large and small projects. We are able to provide satisfaction to all of our customers with superior workmanship, quality products and unparalleled service.  Our professionalism makes all the difference.

Painting & Wallcoverings

For all of your painting and wall covering needs Superior Painting stands above and beyond the rest. We pride ourselves on pursuing a high-level professionalism with attention to detail, and clean work areas. Our painters and paper hangers are experienced and friendly individuals who work hard to consistently provide the highest level of craftsmanship for each project. With all of our jobs, we promise to complete projects on schedule. We offer a wide selection of paints in all colors and countless different wall covering options from our many reputable suppliers.We guarantee the utmost satisfaction with every painting and wall covering job.

Special Coatings

Superior Painting is also committed to providing only the best quality product when it comes to the application of various types of special coatings. Many of our painters are specialized in applying epoxy coatings, Polymix, anti graffiti coatings and various floor coatings just to name a few.  As with all of our projects, we promise to perform all work with professionalism and attention to detail in a timely manner.  We work with only the most reputable suppliers of special coatings in the painting industry.

Water Blasting

Superior Painting also offers water blasting services.  Water blasting, or hydrocleaning,  utilizes precision equipment to direct high pressure streams of water against a surface to clean, prepare, and /or remove existing paint.  The use of plain water under pressure in this application makes it an environmentally friendly option for industrial cleaning and paint removal.  We use only the most state of the art hydrocleaning equipment and many of our employees are qualified blasters.